Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hiking with Oscar - or another excuse to show pictures of the dog

We took Oscar on his first hike yesterday - he seemed to like it a lot, especially when we let him run around in this pond.
Unfortunately we forgot about ticks and didn't realize that he had collected some along the way until 12:30 am last night. Luckily he is well treated with tick and flea medicine. He also saw his first horse on the hike - the dog was better behaved than the horse!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Summary of the week

Isaac and I went to our first CERT class last night (Community Emergency Response Team). Isaac wants to eventually do search and rescue and this is his first step. If there is really an emergency though, there is no way I could let him go help the community while I sat at home and twiddled my thumbs. Moving from DC, where terrorism is always on your mind to Northern California, where earthquakes are now my #1 fear, this class will help me be ready and able to help in an emergency instead of freaking out. The class is pretty fun. Here's some of what we did last night - built 5 foot towers out of 40 sheets of paper, tape and cardboard. Isaac and I were on separate teams.

Here's my team's tower.
Here's Isaac's team's tower.
That piece of paper says Team 2's Tower.

To make up for those boring pictures, here are some cute dog pictures.
We enrolled him in a Grumpy Pup class, which treats dogs with dog-dog aggression issues, because we've found he is afraid of other dogs and tends to lunge and snarl at them when they try to sniff him. He was actually able to meet a couple of dogs at the trainer's and interact with them, which was quite impressive. We've had our first class, but it was without the dog. Next weekend we'll be taking him with us. The trainer said he is a very mild case and we should be able to let him off leash by the end of the class. Yeah!!!

The other big event of the night was Passover. We actually had 2 seders this year - one on Saturday in Santa Cruz with Isaac's parents at Isaac's cousin's house in Santa Cruz and the other at our house on Tuesday night with a college friend, her husband and two of their friends. Since I don't have a job currently, I did the cooking - brisket, asparagus and chocolate and plain macaroons (brisket and macaroon recipes courtesy of my friend Martha). It turned out pretty well and was our first dinner party (ever - even in DC) and Passover seder. Can't wait for next year's seder.

That's it so far for this week! The rest of the week involves hiking, bike riding and dog washing.