Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Isaac rode 114 miles!

Isaac's bike century (100 miles) was this past Sunday. He managed to do pretty well, except for following the one sign that was put in backwards and caused him and some of his team to ride an extra 14 miles! And the crazy fair that someone put in the way of their ride... It took him longer than he thought to finish, but that's only because of the extra distance - at 100 miles he had been riding for 7 hours, which is what he had predicted.

Number 65 is ready to go!

Hey - the finish line is over here, not by the steaks at M&S Grill!

Crusin' to the finish

This is Isaac's "I am so glad to be off my bike and I have no feeling below my neck" face.

Amazingly enough his knee didn't bother him at all and I didn't hear one complaint this week about being sore!